A Study of the Factors Causing Indo-China Conflicts in Ladakh

Very recently there were reports of conflicts between Indian and Chinese troops posted near the Indo-Ladakh border areas. These conflicts between Indian and Chinese territorial forces are not new. They occurred in the past and they are happening. Reports suggest that India and China have had border disputes since 1950. The Chinese claim that Ladakh is a part of China. While Indians on the contrary believe that Ladakh is theirs. What is the truth? Whatever be the truth but for now it is lucid that China is a super-power both economically and militarily. India when compared to China is quite poor from the economic point of view as well as from the defense perspective. Therefore, if border disputes occur between India and China then it is assumed that the Chinese are at an advantage. This blog focuses on the factors that are causing the present Indo-China conflict in Ladakh.

Factors Causing Indo-China Conflicts in Ladakh

Since 1950 the Chinese have been having border disputes with India. They believe that Ladakh is part of their territory and this is because of the following reasons:-

  • Ladakh shares border areas with China. The geography as well as the demography of Ladakh is greatly influenced by China and the Chinese.

  • Many people in Ladakh speak Chinese and that suggests that the local population are more inclined to the Chinese.

  • When compared to India, China is more powerful from the economic point of view. China is also powerful from the defence front. According to reports a certain section of the locals in Ladakh think that they will be safer in the hands of the Chinese government than in the hands of Indian governments.

  • Reports suggest that too much politics in India had a negative influence on the local Ladakh population. Many believe that the Indian political fraternity have looted their natural resources.

  • Yet another factor that plays an important role in the conflict between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh is China’s political interest in expanding its territory. The current government in China is not only powerful but also ambitious and hence it is looking to expand its influence in Ladakh as well as other North Eastern parts of India.

What India Needs to Do in Indo-China Conflicts in Ladakh?

India is indeed an impoverished nation. Even the Moody’s have downgraded India’s economy. From the economic front, things are not in favor of India and the country needs to comprehend that well. Also, at a time when the entire world is badly affected by the Corona virus or Covid-19, India is finding it hard to manage the Covid-19 crisis that it is confronting. Though India is not sparing efforts to contain the disease yet the disease is causing casualties on a day to day basis. The Covid-19 crisis has exposed India’s financial, defense preparedness. With imports fallen sharply and India’s defense equipment which largely depends on imports are like useless hardwares. Therefore the country as a whole is more vulnerable to foreign onslaughts. India is not as rich and powerful as China. When compared by size, India is much smaller than China. Though, India’s population is more or less of the same size as China’s, however this aspect is not a thing to boast about. 

What India needs to do in this regard are highlighted using the following points:-

  • India needs to play safe without going into tussle as far as the Chinese incursion in Ladakh is concerned.
  • It should handle this situation in a diplomatic manner.
  • It should encourage bilateral dialogues with the Chinese counterpart and try to resolve all Indo-Chinese border disputes amicably.
  • If required India needs to entertain foreign mediators to try and resolve the border disputes with an UN Security Council permanent member like China.

Though the present Indo-China conflict has not escalated but it is high time for India more than China. India needs to handle this situation in a responsible manner. For more on Indo-China border disputes visit relevant contents online.