Biden Challenges Trump with a New Economic Plan

Biden vs Trump

Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential contender who brought in his rescue plan for the coronavirus-crippled US economy. At the same time, he berated President Donald Trump as incompetent and challenged him to come up with a better economic plan. Biden introduced a $700bn (£560bn) plan that can be considered as the biggest investment in the US economy since World War Two.

Biden vs Trump
FILE – In this combination of file photos, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del., on March 12, 2020, left, and President Donald Trump speaks at the White House in Washington on April 5, 2020. Barring unforeseen disaster, Biden will represent the Democratic Party against Trump this fall, the former vice president’s place on the general election ballot cemented Wednesday, April 8, by Bernie Sanders’ decision to end his campaign. (AP Photo)

What is Build back better agenda?

As per Biden, the build back better agenda will would spur a manufacturing and technology jobs boom. But Trump campaign responded to this plan and said that it inflicts “catastrophe”. In the presidential election to be held in November Biden will face off Trump. Biden said that president’s failures had cost terrible human cost and a deep economic toll. In reality the working families are paying the price for this administration’s incompetence. 

It is expected that in the election that to be held in November will be dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. This will actually push tens of millions of Americans into unemployment. There will be more than 130,000 people have died with the virus. Lots of voters are quite concerned by the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic. People consider that his divisive approach to the country’s recent wave of anti-racism protests is also under sharp scrutiny.

Recent Opinion polls also show Mr. Biden with an almost double-digit lead over Mr. Trump. Analysts who are researching on the election have urged caution in over-interpreting the polls. But they claim that Mr. Biden’s lead is far greater than that of Mr. Trump’s 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton.

Buy American plan

Joe Biden, is former vice-president, who was under Barack Obama. He is struck an optimistic tone as he presented an economic program that can create at least five million jobs in manufacturing and innovation. His theme was “Buy American” which mentioned a $400bn increase in government spending on US-made products. Additionally, mentioned spending $300bn on the research and development of new technologies, which includes electric vehicles and 5G networks. He said that the federal government spends taxpayers’ money, which can be used to buy American products and support American jobs.

The “Buy American” plan compared it to the President’s Trump’s “American First” agenda. For that Biden explained that Trump failed to “bring back jobs and manufacturing” and in the duration of pandemic, he had protected wealthy “cronies and pals” compromising the working-class families. Actual truth is present in this crisis, Donald Trump focused on the stock market only not in the people. Whereas Trump also took a dim view of Mr. Biden’s economic proposals and said that it is his willful attack on jobs, families, and the American way of life which will reverse all the economic catastrophe.

Election race

Officially, Mr. Biden secured the Democratic presidential nomination in June. He is considered effective nominee after left-wing Bernie Sanders who had withdrawn from the race in April. Most importantly, Mr. Obama endorsed Mr. Biden in April, and also mentioned that his former vice-president had all the qualities that is required in a president right now.

A former US Senator Mr. Biden is yet to choose his running mate in the election race. That implies he had to choose the person who would become vice-president after he is elected. Though Kamala Harris, a Democratic senator from California, is considered for this position. Both the Democratic and Republican party conventions will be held in August. It is expected that at these events the delegates will formally choose each party’s nominees for president and vice-president in the 2020 election.