Can Dynamics 365 Certification Help your Business Stay Connected to Consumers?

Businesses around the world have been forced to rethink the way they function in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Today, everything seems to be working remotely and the demand for Dynamic 365 certification has risen considerably.

According to the Gartner Business Continuity Survey, only 2% of businesses believe that they can continue as normal. The remaining 98% expect varying levels of disruptions and some even fear being discontinued completely.

The person to person interaction businesses rely on to engage with customers is limited but the need to stay connected is stronger than ever before. With relevant training, your team can use Dynamic 365 tools to engage with customers, show them that you care and maintain their trust.

Create In-Depth Customer Profiles

The foundation for a great customer experience lies in having a thorough understanding of your customer. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, your organization can unify customer data across channels in real-time. This includes transnational data, behavioral data, demographic data and more. The combination of first and third-party sources allows you to intelligently enrich data and create in-depth customer profiles.

Get Actionable Insights With Dynamic 365 Certification

Once you have a complete customer profile, you can predict their needs and demands with greater accuracy. If your team has completed Dynamic 365 training & certification, they will be able to leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to predict patterns and trends, compute customer lifetime value, and make recommendations to drive customer engagement. The AI machine learning templates makes it easy transform data into actionable data visualization and reporting for more informed decision-making.

Personalize Messaging With Targeted Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organizations more from responsive communication to proactive communication. With teams that have completed Dynamic 365 certification, businesses can use Microsoft Power Automate to trigger real-time responses across sales and marketing channels thereby keeping a channel of communication constantly open with the customer.

Automation does not only simplify workflows but also gives customers an always-on service experience. Based on the insights gained, they can tailor offers to their customer’s needs, personalize messaging and give real-time support across the end-to-end customer journey.

Unify Customer Experiences Across Channels

To stay accessible, businesses must open multiple channels for customers to shop and interact with them. This includes brick and mortar stores, e-commerce websites and apps. At a time when almost all customer experiences are virtual, the experience needs to be seamless and standardized across channels. Dynamics 365 Commerce enables businesses with MB-900 Training to deliver seamless shopping experiences to ensure continuity. It also reduces the workload for company employees.

Develop Agile Fulfillment Strategies

Not being able to anticipate demand and having customers find the things they need out of stock can break the connection between your business and the customer. Thus, businesses need to optimize near real-time inventory and improve fulfillment rates to keep up with changing demands.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps organizations plan their inventory smartly in response to customer data insights. Combined with an intelligent order management system, it gives you a global view of inventory that helps automate and optimize order fulfillment.

Build Loyalty With Personalized Communications

Communication should not end with sales. To keep customers loyal to the brand, communication must be ongoing. This can happen through multiple channels- through your call center, bots on the website, chat support, etc. Communication must always be personalized and in sync with communication already conducted through other channels. Automation is important to consider here especially when human agents are not available.

Dynamic 365 Certification And Training

Many of the changes in operational procedures designed to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will probably stay in place for the future as well. Thus, businesses need to look at the long-term view. Personalized experiences are key to strengthening the connection between businesses and their customers. Dynamics 365 makes it easier to do so and have relevant training and certification is beneficial for individuals as well as the organization.

The good news is that training modules are versatile and designed to suit varying needs. Individuals can participate virtually on through in-class sessions that match their schedules. Complete the training, clear the certification exam and you’re done. So, are you ready to get started?