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  • Prepare For CAT Exam 2020 |Mock Test | Compare B Schools Before Applying | Check MBA placements

    Are you preparing for the CAT Exam 2020/XAT /GMAT/NMAT Entrance exam? This may help you.  To get a seat in your preferred top MBA Colleges in the country one needs to know the nitty gritties beyond the hard work which is essential.  First of all it is important to know for the aspirants of MBA […]

  • Status of 2020 World under-17 hockey challenge

    World Under-17 Hockey challenge

    This year, 2020 World Under-17 Hockey challenge was scheduled to take place during the fall season but unfortunately it has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement was made by Hockey Canada on Friday. This tournament is an annual, week-long tournament. This year it was scheduled to be held open on October 31 […]

  • Current status of India due to Coronavirus

    Coronavirus India

    As per the current data of Union health ministry, the number of cases due to coronavirus in India touched 6,04,641. The death toll reached to 17,834. While across the world almost10,644,064 Covid-19 cases were reported and 514,527 people died due to the pandemic. Reports say that India’s first COVID-19 vaccine candidate by Bharat Biotech Ltd. […]

  • The new controversial security law of China

    security law of China

    In the new security law of China, it provides new powers over Hong Kong and fears for its freedoms. Secession, subversion, and collusion with foreign forces have been criminalized. This is done to effectively reduce protests and freedom of speech. But in return, it gave rise to more unrest pro-democracy movement. The Democrats claimed that […]

  • Was the world cup 2011 sold to India?

    world cup 2011

    In a recent interview the former Sri Lankan skipper Arjuna Ranatunga alleged that the world cup 2011 was sold to demand. He demands an investigation of match fixing which led to the country’s 2011 World Cup final defeat by India. He clearly mentioned the allegations of match fixing. At the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, India […]

  • Detailed explanation about Black lives matter protests

    black lives matter

    Black lives matter protests started with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It has given rise to a big American reckoning with racism. This has brought in a backlash against inequality that existed across society. It was from the echelons of corporations to media, even the pages of the dictionary were not left back […]

  • Is US-China in Cold war over the origin of Coronavirus?

    US-China in Cold war

    Soon the world may face many economic redundancies as the United States and china replicate efforts and compete for relevant allegiances with the rest of the world. Both are offering each other threatening sticks which are creating an emergence of a new cold war environment. Reports are there that Beijing will start targeting America’s allies […]

  • A Look at The Factors Causing Sharp Fall in Gold Prices in India

    Gold Prices in India

    A sharp decline in gold costs in the previous week overwhelmed investors. According to analysts, this was normal, as economies all around the world are recuperating from lockdown. With the slight improvement in the economy, it appears that the demand for gold is relatively low compared to supplies and hence the fall in gold prices […]

  • A Review of the Specifications And Features of iPhone SE

    iPhoneSE in India

    Apple is a popular brand when it comes to iPhones. Very recently the company has released a new phone “iPhone SE” in the market. Like most of its products the iPhone SE is rich in features, is robust, and easy to use. This blog is an attempt to highlight some of the useful features and […]

  • A Study of the Factors Causing Indo-China Conflicts in Ladakh

    Very recently there were reports of conflicts between Indian and Chinese troops posted near the Indo-Ladakh border areas. These conflicts between Indian and Chinese territorial forces are not new. They occurred in the past and they are happening. Reports suggest that India and China have had border disputes since 1950. The Chinese claim that Ladakh […]