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  • Biden Challenges Trump with a New Economic Plan

    Biden vs Trump

    Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential contender who brought in his rescue plan for the coronavirus-crippled US economy. At the same time, he berated President Donald Trump as incompetent and challenged him to come up with a better economic plan. Biden introduced a $700bn (£560bn) plan that can be considered as the biggest investment in […]

  • The new controversial security law of China

    security law of China

    In the new security law of China, it provides new powers over Hong Kong and fears for its freedoms. Secession, subversion, and collusion with foreign forces have been criminalized. This is done to effectively reduce protests and freedom of speech. But in return, it gave rise to more unrest pro-democracy movement. The Democrats claimed that […]

  • Detailed explanation about Black lives matter protests

    black lives matter

    Black lives matter protests started with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It has given rise to a big American reckoning with racism. This has brought in a backlash against inequality that existed across society. It was from the echelons of corporations to media, even the pages of the dictionary were not left back […]

  • Is US-China in Cold war over the origin of Coronavirus?

    US-China in Cold war

    Soon the world may face many economic redundancies as the United States and china replicate efforts and compete for relevant allegiances with the rest of the world. Both are offering each other threatening sticks which are creating an emergence of a new cold war environment. Reports are there that Beijing will start targeting America’s allies […]

  • A Study of the Factors Causing Indo-China Conflicts in Ladakh

    Very recently there were reports of conflicts between Indian and Chinese troops posted near the Indo-Ladakh border areas. These conflicts between Indian and Chinese territorial forces are not new. They occurred in the past and they are happening. Reports suggest that India and China have had border disputes since 1950. The Chinese claim that Ladakh […]