Detailed explanation about Black lives matter protests

black lives matter

Black lives matter protests started with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It has given rise to a big American reckoning with racism. This has brought in a backlash against inequality that existed across society. It was from the echelons of corporations to media, even the pages of the dictionary were not left back from the protests.

black lives matter

How did the protests start?

After the death of George Floyd, the chief executive of CrossFit resigned and spoke about race and racism. As an impact thousands of researchers went into the strike, instead of taking classes, conducting meetings, and forgoing research work, they were spending the whole day calling for action. This was to ensure the protection of the lives of black people.

A small group of protesters came from the Lafayette Square area, towards White House, through downtown Washington D.C. and then these protests went onto a highway. This highway moves from the city to Northern Virginia.

The demonstrators could be seen marching out of DC that light. They were using both the incoming and outgoing lanes of highway Interstate 395. But the group was moving peacefully and music blared as they were marching. And then came the moment when the protesters and medics kneeled on the highway. From a distance, there were police cars but still, demonstrators continued to march in their way. 

There was another group of protesters who did the same thing on the highway but they were slightly in the north. Throughout the Saturday, there were a few protests in DC but they did not draw major crowds. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Fire Department is kept standing by. They are waiting to safely access the fire burning at Wendy’s restaurant. This is the place where a black man was shot dead on Friday night.


The protests all over the country for bringing racial justice and accountability brought in lots of changes. Overnight some of the protesters took down the statute of the explorer Christopher Columbus and threw that into a lake in Richmond. Whereas in Boston again similar statue was beheaded. More than 20 cities have challenged similar monuments and across the country, at least 10 monuments were removed.

Impacts of the protests

Due to the demand of the protests, there was a considerable shift in the public opinion. The congress addresses police accountability and law enforcement on races during this year. Here are some of the impacts of the protests on different industries:

  • The police chief will not engage in the contract negotiations that are held with the police union across the country due to increase influential police and correction groups.
  • As NASCAR was unable to understand the steps to take so it banned the Confederate battle flag from the races.
  • Adidas faced anger from the employees so it made series of concessions and along with that it mentioned that 30 percent of the employees that it will hire will be black or Latino but it didn’t apologize formally.
  • Authors and employees of book publishing houses spoke publicly about the disparities in the pay. The companies used to pay more to the White than the Black.
  • In the newspapers, there was a disproportion in the employees, and majority of them were white. So, all the blacks who were stepped down recently are reassigned.
  • Few black journalists said that they were not allowed to cover protests against racism and police violence as many of them expressed their support towards the protests.

As per history, such intense societal racism will not last long. Both groups have to understand and act accordingly. Along with that serious actions must be taken to bring the situation under control.