How To Strengthen Your Cloud Skills With Google Cloud Certification Courses

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, cloud computing is one of the key elements driving every successful business. And, when talking about the cloud, it is impossible not to mention the Google Cloud platform. It offers better cloud hosting plans as compared to its competitors, more secure connections, live migration, and private networks and is committed to constantly improving its services. These advantages make Google Cloud Certification Courses and certifications important for IT professionals wanting to advance their careers.

Why should you consider Google Cloud Certification Courses?

It would not be correct to say that a training module is the only way to build your cloud skills. There’s plenty of theoretical research you can do online and to an extent, you can get some practical experience on your own as well.

However, the difference between self-learning and a training course is the structure. By attending Google Cloud Certification courses or taking Professional Cloud Architect lessons, you get to cover all your bases in a structured manner. You build a strong foundation and can get specialized instruction in the components crucial to your role.

Another key difference – the certificate. When you complete a course, you get a certificate that tells people you have sufficient knowledge of the subject. This certificate builds credibility and adds value to your resume. This also increases your earning potential and companies will be willing to pay higher salaries to certified individuals.

So, how can you do this?

Build the Basics

Before you start working with Google cloud, you should understand the basics of how it functions. There are plenty of online resources available that explain the workings of the Google Kubernetes Engine, the storage and computing services available, etc. You can also learn how to migrate to Google Cloud.

Basic tutorials available online cover a range of subjects like how to store and share files on the cloud, how to deploy container images, how to train tensorflow models and so on. Alternatively, you could start by watching explainer videos. Building a strong base makes you familiar with key terms and technology you will probably encounter when you go on to get certified.

Determine a Learning Path

There’s a lot you can do with Google Cloud. Doing everything is not impossible but do you really want to be a ‘Jack of all trades’? Instead, find out what you’re interested in and pursue that. This holds true for people who are new to the cloud as well as those with existing skill sets.

Some of the paths you could take include:

  • Modernizing infrastructure

The Google Cloud runs the infrastructure for some of the most well-known Google products like Gmail and YouTube. Do you want to understand how to use it tor rehost, replatform and migrate workloads? If that’s your aim, you should look into certifications for a Professional Cloud Architect.

  • Modernizing applications

Google Cloud provides end-to-end solutions that can help build and deploy cloud-native applications. Using this platform can make your software delivery capability faster, smoother and more stable. To go down this path, you should look into certification courses for cloud developers.

  • Data management and analytics

If leveraging data and extracting real-time insights from data excites you Google Cloud can be the tool you’re looking for. Look into courses for data engineers and clear the certification exam to enhance your ability to collect, analyze and publish data in usable forms.

  • Security and networking

The Google Cloud security model can protect your technology and data. So, if you want to understand how to control and improve security through the cloud, look into courses along the network engineers and security engineer learning paths.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Today, there are many things machines can do better than us. If you want to explore the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence look into the data scientist track. You’ll learn how to strategize and design models to structure data, process it and more.

  • Collaboration and productivity

Almost every office uses basic Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, docs, etc. If you want to learn how to help your business utilize these tools to their full potential, you should consider ding down the Collaboration Engineer learning path.

Getting Certified with Google Cloud Certification Courses

No matter what path you take, certification is the ultimate goal. As an IT professional, this is the only way you can prove your ability to keep up with current technology. To help you achieve this you can get role-based training. Certification courses are mainly categorized as:

  • Google Cloud Architect
  • Associate Cloud engineer
  • Data Engineer

You can choose to complete one of these certifications or all three. If you want to know more about the courses and certification, check this out.

In Conclusion

With cloud technology making its presence felt across business sectors, it’s time for you to strengthen your cloud skills with Google Cloud Online Training and training. With the right certification, you can boost your credibility as well as your earning potential. So, are you ready to start?