iPhone 11 Pro Emits Huge Amount of Radiations and is Unsafe for Use

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhones are used for communication purposes. Besides, iPhones have a host of features that make them the most preferred device for communication purposes. Though iPhones may appear to be harmless these devices are known to quietly discharge radiation that is destructive to the health of the iPhone 11 pro user or people in the vicinity of the iPhone who remain exposed to the radiation.

iPhone 11 Pro Emits High Levels of Radiation and is Unsafe for Use

From reports that have surfaced over a period of time, it is understood that since the inception of the iPhone 11 many laboratories have tested the gadget and the results are shocking. In this context, RF Exposure Lab, an autonomous lab in San Marcos, California has tried the iPhone 11 Pro for RF or radiofrequency radiation and found that the levels of radiation were twice as high as the limits that are imposed by the government. The radiation levels are not the same as declared by Apple.

The lab found that the cell phone exposes its users to a Specific Absorption Rate and that rate is about 3.8 watts per kilogram. This implies that the body of the user assimilates radiofrequency energy of about 3.8 watts per kilogram. On the contrary, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already set the limit for the Specific Absorption Rate at 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Testing Apple iPhones

The above discussion is unquestionably a cause for concern, taking into account that the World Health Organization has highlighted that RF radiation is a potential cancer-causing agent to people since 2011. The National establishments of Health have discovered a “clear proof” in studies with animals that RF radiation causes malignancy. In addition, the radiation has been connected to bring down sperm checks, migraines, and adverse impacts on memory, learning, hearing, sleep, and behavior.

Reasons for Inconsistencies in Results of Testing Apple iPhones

Why the inconsistency in the results of testing Apple iPhones? Indeed, for a certain something, mobile phone testing is self-directed, which means that “the maker supplies a telephone to an autonomous lab for testing, and if the mobile phone passes the test, the FCC supports the gadget for release. This is in accordance with professionals at the Penumbra Brands, which financed the research.

However, when researchers have purchased an outdated iPhone and tried it a similar way, RF Exposure Lab discovered it emits radiations with levels exceeding the FCC’s security limit.

Leading media agencies in the US like the Tribune discovered that iPhone 7 is emitting radiation at a pace that is twice the rate that is recommended by the FCC. The media agencies emphasized that other smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung have passed the test where Apple’s iPhone has failed the test.

The genuine explanation for the clashing outcomes is likely that the FCC’s rules for setting safe radiofrequency radiation levels are amazingly old.

Many in the scientific community are of the opinion that the FCC limits are more than 20 years old. The FCC has set its radiofrequency radiation principles approximately 25 years back, he stated, well before the time when cell phones became popular among the people. Reports are suggestive of the fact that the Specific Absorption Rate is not the actual impression of how people are using cell phones. As per FCC, the radiation test should be five millimeters from the body but in general, pocket wireless is only two millimeters away from the skin. This implies that the tests which are directed on gadgets from a distance of five millimeters away are very much erroneous.

If you want to lessen the levels of radiation emitting from Apple’s iPhone then it is recommended that you hold your gadget away from your body. This blog highlights the iPhone 11 pro emits high levels of radiation that make it unsafe for health. This blog also highlights that FCC’s security limit is outdated and hence can’t be relied on.

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