Is US-China in Cold war over the origin of Coronavirus?

US-China in Cold war

Soon the world may face many economic redundancies as the United States and china replicate efforts and compete for relevant allegiances with the rest of the world. Both are offering each other threatening sticks which are creating an emergence of a new cold war environment. Reports are there that Beijing will start targeting America’s allies as it is continuously embarking. Analysts call it a wolf warrior diplomacy.

US-China in Cold war

Status of the US-China in Cold war

Chinese firms on Wall Street are facing greater scrutiny due to the origin of coronavirus in China. In recent years, the relationship between the U.S and China have already been nosedived. Now, a new cold war is again here. It is expected that things could get uglier as numerous other countries are dragged into the conflict.

The status of the relationship between both countries will grow uglier before they get any better. Decoupling is underway and an economic split will soon take place between the world’s two largest economies. As a result, Beijing is expected to target America’s allies which analysts refer to as Wolf warrior diplomacy. It deprived its name of series of Chinese movies where the fighters defeat adversaries across the world.

China’s stand

Currently, China does not want to go for a complete confrontation with the US. This is a crucial time for the country as they have to concentrate on controlling the virus, then work towards reviving the economy and implement the security law in Hong Kong. Since 2018, U.S china relations have strained especially after the two countries went in controversies regarding the protracted trade war.

Due to this trade war, global economic growth saw a slowdown and became culminated in the phase. The problematic relationship between the countries forced the U.S President to blame China for the spread of Coronavirus. Now, the tensions have moved towards the financial markets. Legislation for restricting Chinese companies from listing on American exchanges on raising money from the investors present on Wall Street was passed by the U.S Senate.

Wolf warrior strategy

Beijing may use its new strategy that is wolf warrior diplomacy for hitting out all those countries across the world who are on America’s side. The recent uptick in the tensions is considered as cold war 2.0 by some U.S allies. Some strategies are already implemented as China suspended some beef imports from Australia after China has to face global inquiry regarding the origins of the coronavirus.

Wolf warrior diplomacy is China’s new no-holds-barred approach for the rest of the world. But the backlash against this diplomacy is growing and China has stoked anger many countries namely, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherland, and Sweden. Recently, Beijing released an advisory for the citizens for not traveling to Australia mentioning that there are racial discrimination and violence against Chinese because of Coronavirus pandemic. Over tension that China is tightening grip on Hong Kong, the British provided Visa options for travel.


However, none of the countries have the interest to take this cold war too far especially at this point in time when the whole world is undergoing pandemic and U.S and China both are among the most affected countries. Definitely, both the countries will react rhetorically as the main concern right now is much bigger than that. Analysts depict that at this point in time, the countries must work on the strategies to control the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with that another main concern is slow down in the economy globally. All the global countries must work together to bring out the economy from this devastating state as well as take precautionary measures for preventing the spread of Pandemic worldwide.

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