Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Training And Its Impact On The Market

Whether you run a small enterprise or a multinational, whether you’re looking for solutions to improve internal functioning or for customer facing solutions, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product range has all the answers you seek.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service is one of the key business applications included in this product line. It facilitates end-to-end work processes from the installation of solutions to maintenance work and can make processes simpler, more efficient and more effective.

Microsoft Dynamics

With relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service training, companies using the Dynamics 365 for Field Services have experienced a number of quantified and unquantified benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the waysMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can impact the market.

Minimized Field Dispatch

Dynamics 365 Field service streamlines all maintenance and repair jobs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 online training for your employees allows them to work with IoT sensors and conduct installation and maintenance projects remotely.

Similarly, it allows a number of tasks to be automated. Instead of waiting for a breakdown, technicians can make proactive maintenance decisions and thus extend product lifespan and minimize the need for repairs. The IoT sensors also allow customers and end-users to monitor and self-maintain basic issues with their equipment.

When technicians must travel to a worksite, Dynamics 365 Field Service optimizes the driving route to the site and thus saves time and fuel costs. In turn, this can cut down the billing for repair and maintenance work by 60%.

Fewer Service Calls

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps automate a number of tasks that would otherwise need to be conducted telephonically. For example, reminders, scheduling of work orders, satisfaction surveys, etc. can be set automatically. This can reduce the number of calls customers need to make to customer service centers by as much as 20%. It’s time saved for the customer as well as the customer service team.

Improved Work Efficiency

Scheduling and dispatching resources for work orders is no longer a bespoke activity for companies who’s employees have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service training. The dynamics platform provides a one-stop-shop view of all the ongoing field operations with the availability of resources as well as the current status of work orders. Selection of resources and equipment, setting schedules and optimizing travel routes is automated to reduce the load on supervisors and optimize efficiency based on priorities and resource availability.

By optimizing driving routes for site work, Dynamics 365 Field Service helps technician use their time wisely and be more productive. In addition, it offers a 360-degree view of the customer’s history and preferences thus allowing technicians to take the steps needed to efficiently complete the task at hand.

Cost Savings

Organizations with employees who have completed Microsoft certification courses can experience risk-adjusted PV costs in terms of product operation costs, license fees, fuel consumption, etc.

For example, streamlining maintenance and repair tasks cuts down the hours billed by independent technicians.  Similarly, the use of IoT gives the company access to real-time data through mobile devices and allows issues to be addressed remotely thus cutting down on travel costs for the company’s employees as well as fuel consumption.

Improved Customer Experience

When your employees have completed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 online training, they can use the platform not only to improve efficiency but also to communicate with customers. Details such as technician arrival times, work order status, etc. can be shared in real-time for improved transparency.

Further, by reducing the need for repair and maintenance field visits, customers may notice an improvement in equipment uptime and, in turn, their productivity. When a technician’s visit is scheduled, Dynamics 365 Field Service gives turn by turn directions so that the technician reaches the site on time. These benefits are unquantified but significant to the overall customer experience. They also play a major role in building trust in the company.

Drive Innovation

Dynamics 365 solutions are cloud-based and hence ideal for growing business. You can scale up the solution to match your company’s needs and hence invest in confidence. The solutions provided help accelerate the time-to-market and make it easier to build and deploy mobile and web apps.

In addition, automated processes unify the overall experience irrespective of the medium used. Lastly, the data collected by Dynamics 365 Field Service helps companies assess customer requirements and gives them the insights necessary to drive innovation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Training

Dynamics 365 field service is easy to integrate into your existing set-up. That said, proper training goes a long way in making sure you can use the platform’s services to their full potential. Training modules are available in multiple formats to meet the participant’s needs. You can learn as part of a group in class or even online at your own pace.

The theoretical and practical learning prepares participants for certification exams that validate their acquired skills. In the long run, it’s beneficial for the employer and the employee. So, if you want to experience the benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service, find a training program that suits your needs and get started today.

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