Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Agile Customer Experience!

Times and scenarios are always changing, and the covid-19 pandemic has specially established that fact. And when the landscape is so uncertain, it is hard to find a fixed position for yourself. Moreover businesses and corporations are always trying to keep up with those changes and as a CEO, I can certainly see that speed and agility are two very important factors. And it will continue to be so in the coming days. When circumstances are changing rapidly, the top priority of the business is to respond to changes. If you are unable to do so, you’ll never be able to survive in the competition as a successful business. And Microsoft dynamic 365 has proved to be a huge support when these factors are considered.

Here is how Microsoft dynamic 365 has been very useful for us.

As already mentioned above, agility is a very important factor when it comes to driving a company to its success. Agility is the key to transform the organisations so that they can run much faster. Hence companies are always thinking of methods to increase their visibility and we are no different. We needed a digital selling solution within a short amount of time Microsoft dynamic 365 marketing came to our rescue. Today companies are constantly looking for methods to expand their global presence, and remote selling is a very critical part.

Our experience with Microsoft dynamic 365.

Our distribution teams have been using Microsoft dynamic 365 and it has been able to work seamlessly. The security is incredible and there is no issue of unwanted and unexpected restrictions. Moreover Microsoft dynamic 365 marketing can be easily integrated with Microsoft Teams and it has become even more easier to organise webinars and online meetings. We needed some marketing and sales capabilities quite quickly, and Microsoft dynamic 365 was able to provide all the solutions we needed almost immediately.

As a company, satisfaction of the employees is an important priority for us and we always try to pay attention to that. And Microsoft dynamic 365 marketing has been our core tool to improve the overall experience for the employees. We have been able to drive our company growth, even during this pandemic situation, with an efficient and flexible way of working. When the covid-19 situation began to spread, we wanted to discover our way to help our company function efficiently even with a small number of people. We knew that everything needed to be done virtually and we had to provide advance event preparation, instructions, emails, and conduct many webinars over the entire day. And Microsoft Dynamic 365 marketing has been able to take responsibility for this entire process and we can say that we have been able to gain more leads in this year with its effective use.

 How has Microsoft dynamic 365 sales been of help to our business?

Every business out there is looking for smart solutions and Microsoft dynamic 365 sales can be considered as a boon when it comes to smarter solutions. Help us to focus on the accurate customers and build trusted relationships with them. Moreover it also helps to focus on those relationships with the help of unified solutions and data. We have also observed that using Microsoft Dynamic 365 sales helps to to engage our time by using familiar and cohesive tools and it has also increased the sales to a huge extent.

Customer service is a very essential part of every business organisation. If you do not make that a Priority, it will be difficult to take your company to new heights of success. Microsoft dynamic 365 is helping the businesses to create effortless customer service experience and we also have been able to build our customer’s trust, loyalty and convert them into long term relationships.

When the business condition is unpredictable, you cannot afford time to sit back and wait back to see what is going on or what will happen. You have to step up, be bold, and work towards your commitment to be the best company for your customers out there. You have to continuously look out for innovative processes which can optimise the functioning of your business and help you adapt to the constantly changing environment. And Microsoft dynamic 365 has proved to be the new superhero in that zone. We are sure that Microsoft certification training will only grow with time as it has proved its efficiency.

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