Things You Should Know Before Meeting the 2020 Olympics for the First Time

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Olympic Games 2020 is the most cherished sporting event for sports enthusiasts. Such events are organized every 4 years. The year 2020 is an Olympic year. This year, Tokyo will be hosting the summer Olympic Games. Since the Olympics 2016 that was organized in Brazil, years have passed and everyone from the sports fraternity is looking forward to this year’s summer Olympics. Participating countries are carrying out the finishing touches so that they can send their respective teams to participate in the sporting event. Sporting enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the commencement of the sporting event.

Corona Virus and its Impact on the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

However, there is an issue that can mar the event to the extent that the event can get postponed by one or two years. Very recently, the dreaded Coronavirus is causing havoc throughout the world. The virus originated from China and within a period that is less than a year it managed to spread its tentacles across the world. Till now there have been several casualties because of the Coronavirus.

According to the Tokyo Olympic games 2020 organizing committee, the Tokyo Olympics is likely to be postponed by one or two years. The organizing committee is apprehensive that this year’s Olympic Games may not go as scheduled. The reason is the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 organizing committee is constituted of 25 board members. According to one of the board members, namely Haruyuki Takahashi, the committee is considering other alternatives so that the Olympic Games 2020 can be organized in this year only without postponing it. He added that considerations are on to hold the games without visitors or spectators. However, he also added that by doing so it can have significant financial ramifications. Therefore, the postponement of the Olympic games 2020 event is the most likely alternative.

Takahashi further added that he doesn’t think that the Olympics Games can be canceled. He said that there can be a delay in the occurrence of the event. In his opinion, the international Olympic committee would be at a great loss if the Olympic Games are canceled. In this context, it is important to understand that the US TV rights alone provide the committee a lot of amount for the smooth operation of the Games.

Tokyo 2020 – Japan Hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan. It starts on Friday, July the 24th and ends on Saturday, 9th of August. The Summer Olympic Games are followed by the Paralympics games. The Paralympics commences on 25th August and ends on 6th September 2020.

Flame Relay Commences in Greece

A few months prior to the 2020 Summer Olympics Games, the Olympic Flame Relay starts in Olympia, Greece. Olympia, Greece is the actual site for the ancient Olympic Games.

Countdown to Tokyo Summer Olympic Game 2020

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Summer Olympics will be on Friday, July 24, 2020. The ceremony will be organized in the National Olympic Stadium of Tokyo.

Olympics during the Leap Years

The Olympic Games that are organized in the leap years are characterized by athletes competing in sports like athletics, swimming, gymnastics, and ball sports, various types of martial arts, wrestling, and weight lifting.

Closing Ceremony

The Olympics Games will conclude with the occurrence of a closing ceremony that is scheduled to be held on Sunday that is the 9th of August, 2020.

The slogan for the Olympics 2020: “Discover Tomorrow”

The official name for this year’s Olympic Games is the Games of the XXXII Olympiad. The motto of the Olympic Games is to “Discover Tomorrow”.

During the Olympics 2020, there are no public holidays in Japan.

Important Facts about the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is a multi-sporting event and many countries from all across the world take part in the games. The Olympics event is subdivided into the summer and the winter games. Earlier, the summer and the winter games were organized in the same year. The summer and the Winter Olympic Games are held every 4 years.

However, in 1992 there was a change in the schedule and after that, the winter and the summer games are held alternate after every two years. The last Summer Olympic Games were organized in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro in 2016. The last Winter Olympic Games were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea in the year 2018.

2022 Winter Games

The next winter games will be in Beijing, China from February 4 to 20, 2022.

If the Olympics 2020 starts as per schedule then the sporting enthusiasts will have a great time enjoying the games live.