Wireless charging Features introduced in Tesla’s Cars

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Model 3 of Tesla is one of its best-selling cars but the owners of these cars are mostly dependent on the after-sale solutions when they want to equip their car with wireless chargers and USB-C ports. People prefer these cars because of their technology. The not only best technology is applied to this but it offers lots of gadgetry and gizmos which you can’t find in other cars running on the roads. This time Tesla came with a surprise for its customers, it is upgrading the Model 3 with wireless charging ports.


Which Tesla car models will likely get these features?

When other automakers were providing wireless port in even low-cost vehicles, still Tesla cars were not having it. So many queries came which asked for the introduction of the wireless phone charging and USB-C ports in Model Y SUV and finally the company addressed it. It is planning to extend this facility even to Model 3 in China and now, Model 3 in the US. These are the cars that will get the features fitted from the factory itself.


It is known that Model Y’s interior is quite similar to Model 3, apart from that it has bigger cargo space and the eventual third-row seats. Tesla had already started the delivery of Model Y in March. As soon as they delivered the first few units, the owners were surprised to find that that the new electric SUV was already equipped with standard with a Qi wireless phone charger. Now in case of Model 3 which didn’t have even the standard features will soon get a wireless charging port. Whereas Model Y already USB-C ports unlike Model 3.


The expectation of the owners

Today, Model 3 is Tesla’s one of the best-selling cars but if you owned it then earlier you had to depend on after-market solutions to equip it with both wireless chargers and USB-C ports. But there is good news for the new customers that they now may not have to worry to look for third-party products. Because recently Tesla has initiated fitting the charging port in cars at its Fremont assembly plant in California.


Now the customers can have the assurance that all new units of Model 3 in the US will be equipped with two features. These will add convenience and thus you can enjoy fast phone charging solutions. There are two USB-C ports one will be located just under the rear AC vents while the other one that is Qi wireless phone charger will be located under the dashboard.

tesla cars


What existing Model 3 customers can do?

The good news is not only for the new Tesla customers but even for the old customers. The existing Model 3 customers, can order the same USB-C port unit even if many are likely to prefer products from other companies which are compatible with the Model 3 and has the same features. If you have an older Model 3 and want a wireless phone charger, you can order the same one Tesla. There is no way to change your ports to USB-C ports, but you can get more ports, that will help you to hide a storage drive for Sentry Mode and Teslacam.


At the time, Tesla is going to introduce the features to Model 3 vehicles built in Fremont, which was shut down at the time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from that Tesla has updated Model 3 vehicles that were manufactured in the US with the Qi wireless phone charger and USB-C ports. People who took delivery of a new Model 3 this week had confirmed that the electric car is now equipped with the new features. Good news for all tesla car lovers!


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